Perhaps we should all listen to this.

University police are telling students on one Louisiana campus to be aware of suspicious people wearing clown masks.

As Halloween rapidly approaches, police on the campus of Loyola are telling students to beware of any suspicious activity on campus, by those wearing clown masks.

One report out says that unknown persons are going around the campus in New Orleans and spooking those walking through.

Police are encouraging students to walk in groups and to report any suspicious activity they see on or around the campus in New Orleans.

loading... reports that police have responded to a number of calls this semester in regard to suspicious activities by those concealing their identity with clown masks.

As always, you should never allow anyone you don't know or anyone with a mask on to enter your dwelling.

Campus police know that Halloween is near and they don't want students to become a victim, thus that is why they are reminding students to be on alert.


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