He says that he is sorry.

A video recently surfaced on social media of Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer in a bar and it's what was happening in the video that had the coach trending recently.

The first-year head coach was seen sitting in a bar while a woman is grinding on him. Oh yeah, the woman dancing on the coach was NOT his wife.

Since the video has surfaced, Meyer has apologized to the team and family for being a distraction and I am sure he had some serious apologizing and explaining to do at home upon returning.

Twitter via Dude In Texas
Twitter via Dude In Texas

He says that while he was at an event at the bar, people kept trying to get him on the dance floor and that's when this woman approached him and started to dance on him.

Coach Meyer didn't seem to put up much of a fight with the woman who was on him, but he says that he should have left when this started to happen.

But is this really a distraction to his team that has yet to win a single game this season? Apparently, he thinks so.

Here's the video that had Coach Meyer trending on Twitter.

As the day went on, another angle of Urban Meyer in the bar surfaced and here's another look of "Coach" being "forced to dance."

Some of the comments under this video are priceless and yes, they incorporated football into this trending video.

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