Though nowhere near as fun as making music with your pee — there now exists a urinal splash guard.

No, no one is worried that you might sneeze into your stream, a splash guard will supposedly keep errant droplets from raining down onto the floor and/or on your shoes, pants or feet for you sandal-wearing hippies. Is there anything worse than urinating on your feet? Yes. Someone else urinating on your feet. Unless that’s a fetish, to which we say, please leave this website immediately.

The pee guard contraption is a simple pane of glass attached to metal rods alongside standard to-the-floor urinal. Good luck to the guy who’s gotta clean THAT. That said, he’s probably seen much worse in his time as a bathroom attendant than just a splashy pee guard.

If you read this thinking “it’s like a splash guard for car or truck,” we don’t even want to know what mud flaps in the bathroom would mean to you.

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