Usher hit the stage of ‘Saturday Night Live’ on the second-to-last episode of the season last night (May 12). He was butter smooth, with his dance moves, his singing and his emoting. It was his third time taking the ‘SNL’ stage in his career, so at this point, he’s a vet!

For ‘Scream,’ he performed with two back up singers and dancers who flanked him on either side. He was wearing sunglasses and sparkly leather. The singer took the shades off mid-song and tucked them in the inside pocket of his jacket and even zipped it up. Those must be some special specs if he took such care with ‘em. Turns out he busted them out later in the ep, as part of a Will Ferrell skit.

Usher then appeared in said skit with host Ferrell, where they danced and sang in the 2012 Funkytown Debate. He looked faboo in a big, floppy, fur-covered hat.

The singer returned to the stage to rock his first ‘Looking 4 Myself’ single ‘Climax,’ sans the glasses. Usher made effective use of his time on the ‘SNL’ stage, playing both an uptempo song and one that was more laid back and chill. He ditched the black jacket during the performance to show off his toned and tattooed arms in front of blue laser lights. Anyone else notice that two-finger ring he’s sporting? That thing looks dangerous!

In any case, Ush was more emotional during ‘Climax,’ that’s for sure. One might say he was climaxing.

Watch Usher Perform ‘Scream’

Watch Usher Perform ‘Climax’

Watch Usher + Will Ferrell in ‘Funkytown Debate’

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