When a coach informs a college walk-on they have earned an athletic scholarship, it's always emotional.

In covering college sports for the last 20 years, one of the most rewarding things is seeing student-athletes reap the benefits of their hard work.

A walk-on at any level is inspiring.

I don't follow Utah Utes football closely. While they have been one of the stronger teams in the PAC-12, they are not on the radar of college football fans in south Louisiana unless they are an upcoming opponent, or playing in a game with championship implications.

Utah football is making the rounds on the internet this week for all the right reasons.

Utah's creative way of informing offensive lineman Kyle Lanterman he earned a scholarship is unforgettable.

For clarity, this actually took place in February of 2019. However, it is going viral on social media today after being shared by Pro Football Focus College Twitter account.

I love it. He thinks he's in trouble, only to have his Mom inform him of the good news.

Another aspect of a surprise scholarship I love is the entire team's genuine excitement for their teammates. It's raw, real, and genuine.

Even social media, which can be full of cynicism, has nothing but praise for moments like this.

The video may be over two years old, but watching videos of college athletes learning they have been put on scholarship is timeless.


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