A recent moment from a chaotic tee-ball game was shared to social media and many are reacting. While this type of madness likely occurs at ball parks around Louisiana every weekend, this game in particular seemed to carry a specifically high level of chaos.


Youth baseball was a huge part of my childhood. At the time, I thought it was some of the highest level sporting that could be found in the immediate area. The truth is we were all probably running around like chickens on that diamond, but nevertheless we had fun.

That type of classic fun is had at ballparks around Acadiana every weekend with youngster's slowly but surely learning about "America's Pastime".

Twitter via @RexChapman
Twitter via @RexChapman

A clip from one recent tee-ball game in particular has gone viral on social media due to its chaotic nature.

Chaotic Tee-Ball Game Goes Viral

See the video shared by @RexChapman on Twitter below.

Now, having seen a tee-ball game in the past couple of years - I know that things could probably be a bit more organized than what you see in this clip. But, kids will be kids and at the end of the day - this is a chance for young ones to learn about the game of baseball and find out if it peaks their interest.

See reactions to the clip coming from Twitter below.

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