Dating and relationships can be beautiful. You find your person, soulmate and things are great. You think "Man, this is great! I don't understand people that fight about the little things." Those people are probably in a brand new relationship, the honeymoon phase.

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What is an 'ick'?

"Icks" can be defined as something that someone says or does that drives you up the wall or make you lose interest quickly, seemingly for no reason. It can be the way he dances, if he tries too hard to impress someone, the way he photographs. We all have something that irks us. These responses on her tik tok range from out of pocket to "oh, i get that completely!"

User jweaves80 was looking for his wife in the comments talking about him. He was sure she was in there. She was probably buried in the thousands of comments.

User cupcakemommy4 takes the saying "empowered women empower women" to the ultimate level with this comment. Gotta have each other's backs, ladies!

User aussielatina used a brilliant, but devious tactic when her husband expresses too many icks. I'm going to write that suggestion down for future use.

Here's the tik tok, complete with the thousands of comments that will have you crying laughing for hours.

This entire challenge just proves that anything, no matter how big or small, can annoy you to no end... even if it comes from someone you love with your whole heart. We all have that one thing, and if you don't, ask your partner what theirs is for you.

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