Due to the threat of high winds, heavy rains, storm surges and flooding as a result of Tropical Storm Barry, residents of Iberia Parish living south of US Highway 90 are encouraged to evacuate.

After consulting with the National Weather partners and other similar agencies, Parish President M. Larry Richard is recommending that all residents of Iberia Parish living south of U.S. Hwy 90, to consider evacuating.

Aside from those living south of Hwy 90, these folks residing in the area should also strongly consider evacuating:

  • Anyone living in areas vulnerable to potential storm surges
  • Anyone having special needs
  • Anyone living in low-lying areas along lakes, bayous, streams and drainage structures that have experienced flooding in the past
  • Anyone living in a structure that experienced flooding following a heavy rain

Parish President Richard also urges residents to check their emergency supplies, have a plan of action for families (including pets), and to continue to monitor Iberia PINS (Parish Information Notification System) as well as local news media for future updates.

Please note that residents who decide to stay may be without power and unable to leave the area until floodwaters recede and storm debris is removed.

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