Wack 100 is claiming he once ran down on Future in an airport due to an unpaid debt to Detroit rapper Trick Trick.

On Sunday (Nov. 13), Wack 100 was conducting one of his explosive Clubhouse chats when the topic of Future came up. The hip-hop manager recounted a time he allegedly had Hendrix hightailing it through the Los Angeles International Airport.

"Future owed Trick Trick some money," began Wack 100. "So me, Trick Trick and Big U was real close at the time, right? Future owed bro some money. Alright, Trick Trick in Detroit. Me and Big U on a redeye flight to Atlanta, we coming through LAX. We coming through security putting our bag through the thing, who we see on the other side? Future and the girl that’s with the football player. We see Future and Ciara. I say, 'Bro, is that who I think it is?' He looked and said 'yeah.' I say 'You take the [inaudible] I got him.' When we come through the thing I said, 'Aye, homie, you got that money for Trick?' He take off running."

"I’m chasing the nigga, on the the dead homies, through the Delta muthafuckin’ terminal," Wack 100 continued. "He runs into the thing, but it ain’t hooked up to no plane. He runs into the terminal. True story. When he runs into the terminal, he take his phone out. He know he can only go so far because, what you gonna do, jump onto the runway? That’s a long drop down there, right?"

Wack 100 then claimed Future got Birdman to intervene.

"He throws the phone at me on speaker," Wack added. "All I hear is Stunna’s voice. He say, 'Wack, it’s be Stunna, talk to me.' I say, 'Stunna, I’m busy right now.' He said, 'Yeah, but I don’t want you to be, nephew, what’s going on?' I say, 'He owe Trick Trick a bag. He can’t be in our backyard and he owe bro a bag. Either he gon' pay or he finna get ducked and then he gon' pay.' Trick Trick at home sleep, he don’t know what’s going on, he in Detroit. He say 'Wack, my word to you, I’ll pay the debt. Let him be. I got business with that man.' I say, 'What?' He say, 'Wack, it’s Sunna talking to you as your brother. Leave him be. You got my word. Whatever the debt is, send me Trick. I’ll pay him in the morning. On me. I’m giving you my word.' Trick Trick got his wad."

Wack 100 is no stranger to making viral statements on Clubhouse. Last month, he had a confrontation with 21 Savage on the live chat streaming service after the Atlanta rapper became fed up over Wack calling him a snitch. Over the summer, Wack made headlines after revealing he removed The Game's NBA YoungBoy collab track "O.P.P." from Game's Drillmatic album due to budgetary reasons, which Game denied.

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