It was announced on October 29, 2021, that Waffle House was planning on opening up a restaurant in Youngsville.

This was very exciting news to the residents of Youngsville since a Waffle House has been missing from the area for quite some time.

But soon after it was announced that Waffle House would be opening up a new location in Youngsville the surprise wore off and well life went on.

Until today.

It was reported by Developing Lafayette that construction has officially started on the Waffle House in Youngsville.

The new Waffle House will be located at 3100 E Milton right between Taco Bell and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Waffle House Google Maps
Google Maps

Now this location will be in Sugar Mill Pond so as you can see from the renderings this Waffle House will look a little bit different than the rest of the restaurants.

This restaurant will take on some of the aesthetics of the pond development, which means this Waffle House won’t have the bright yellow that we are all used to seeing.

Despite the subtle changes that will be made to the exterior of the restaurant, the food will remain the same.

It is estimated that Waffle House in Youngsville will open sometime in quarter 1 of 2023.

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