With the 2016 presidential election exactly a week away, Waka Flocka shares his thoughts on why he doesn't feel president Barack Obama counts as a Black president.

"Can't wait to see the day America gets a real black president because Obama don't count," he wrote Monday (Nov. 1). Receiving heavy backlash online, he quickly clarified his words.

"Clearly I love our prez and chief," he said. "I just think that America as a whole thought it was time for a black president. It was similar to what was expected in the civil rights evolutionary chain. When I stated that I can't wait until we get a real black president, I meant a black president who is accepted by all who just happens to be black. I do think Obama is for the people, I don't think the people of America were fully about his administration.

"He was elected into office then had to fight for his agenda at every turn," Waka continued in a note he posted to Twitter. "Bush didn't. Obama was handcuffed by the same government that was in place to support him. The media can make this about me or they can make it about change in this election year. I said it, I explained it, now I'm done."

Read Waka's tweets below. Flockaveli 2 is set to drop this Winter.

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