How cool is this?

The founder and CEO of Walk-Ons Sports Bistreaux, Brandon Landry, recently went back home and sat down where it all started.

If you don't know the backstory to Walk-Ons Bistreuax, the popular sports bar was all started by two guys who walked onto the LSU Basketball team years ago.

They had a dream and they carried it out after their days of playing basketball at LSU were done.

Twitter via Brandon Landry

Well, recently Brandon Landry returned to LSU to visit with Parker Edwards, who plays basketball at LSU and who is a walk-on, much like Landry was at the university.

After a brief conversation on the court in the PMAC, Landry broke some pretty big news to Parker.

You see, Parker Edwards has bigger dreams once his playing days are done at LSU and Landry seems to see himself in the guy who currently sits in his former sea, thus Landry wants to help Edwards fulfill his dreams.

In a pretty emotional moment on the court at LSU, Parker Edwards' life changed and so too did his plans at LSU, all because of Walk-Ons.


Like many other universities, LSU just tipped off their 2021-22 basketball season, and in a blowout game, Parker Edwards was put into the game.

Well, his week at LSU got even better as he was able to score a bucket in the final moments of the game on Tuesday night. If you're saying this sounds much like a movie you may have once seen, I am there with you.

The story for Parker Edwards couldn't have been better scripted.  

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