Warren Sapp knows a thing or two about chasing down quarterbacks. After all, his Twitter handle is @QBKILLA. It seems that Warren Sapp also knows a thing or two about who snitched on the Saints when it comes to the bounty scandal that has become a 'black eye' on their organization.

In case you've been under a rock, the penalties for the Saints 'BountyGate' was handed down earlier today and it wasn't pretty. You can read all about it here.

Whoever made the NFL head honchos 'aware' of this bounty system had to come from the inside, and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp just put that player on blast.

Warren Sapp says he's "heard" who the whistle-blower in the Saints bounty case is. When a Twitter follower guessed Jeremy Shockey, Sapp responded, "BINGO!"


Shockey is a former tight end for the Saints and played in New Orleans from 2008-2010, which means he would have been a witness of the bounty program under def. coordinator Gregg Williams for at least 2 years. After being cut by the Saints, Shockey found his new home in Carolina, playing for the Saints division rival Panthers squad.

Shockey has since replied to Warren Sapp and the two are currently "twitter beefing" (see it here) but do you think Shockey was the snitch? If not, then who was ???

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