Twerking seems to be all the rage as of late, but here in South Louisiana we've been indulging in the art of twerk for nearly two decades now. We know that lately people like Miley and Diplo have seemingly been at the forefront of this booty bouncing movement, but being that he is on record (literally) for saying the word back in 1993, DJ Jubilee just may be the founding father of twerking as we know it.

Known as the 'King of Bounce' for his signature call-and-response bounce music, DJ Jubilee - real name Jerome Temple - has been making backsides move since the early 80s. Working as a Special Education teacher at a local New Orleans high school, Jubilee was discovered while performing at a school dance. Soon after he was signed to Take Fo' Records and in 1993 released his debut 'Jubilee All' (Stop Pause).

It was in this song that many believe the word "twerk" was heard for the first time. It was a slang term with an origin that remains unknown, but I'm fairly sure this word existed in New Orleans and throughout the south before the single dropped. This is, to my knowledge, the first record (no pun intended) of someone using the word "twerk" to describe the booty shaking dance craze that has now swept the nation 20 years later.

Is DJ Jubilee the true pioneer of twerking? Whether he is or not, this song is awesome; and until anyone proves otherwise, it's the first mention of twerking in history.

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