Punk’d, MTV’s early 2000s hidden camera practical joke show hosted by Ashton Kutcher, is making a comeback, and one of the first victims of the new series is Taylor Swift, who is tricked by Justin Bieber into thinking that she ruined a wedding.

A short clip from the punking shows Bieber discussing who he’d like to punk. “I think we should start with Taylor,” Bieber says. “She’s the sweetest girl ever.” The trailer shows Bieber and Swift shooting off fireworks on the beach, when suddenly a boat in the water catches on fire. Everyone abandons ship and swims to shore, including a bride and groom dressed in their wedding attire. Bieber and Swift soon learn that the yacht had been full of guests attending a wedding, and the fire interrupted the ceremony.

Swift is stunned to learn that her horseplay has ruined one bride’s big day. The joke, of course, is that the engaged couple and their guests are actors, and the fire was staged. But Swift doesn’t know that, which causes her to freak out, screaming, “This is completely not OK!”

The new season of Punk’d, which also features Miley Cyrus, who punks her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, begins airing on March 29. Kutcher is not expected to take part in the pranks in the new season, though he does serve behind the scenes as executive producer.

Watch Justin Bieber Punk Taylor Swift

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