So your best friend is getting married and he asks for you to stand in his wedding, it will happen basically to all of us. However, once the bachelor party comes together and brainstorms how to make the moments leading up to the wedding unforgettable, that's when things get interesting. Watch as one young bachelor thinks he is being escorted towards a bungee jump, blindfolded, yet it's nothing close to what he expected. Watch as the young man, who by the way has purple hair, itches closer and closer to the edge of the platform. He thinks that he is about to take the leap of his lifetime, and then suddenly....HE'S UNDERWATER!!



How frightening must it be to think that you are about to be free falling and suddenly SPLASH!!

I personally don't know what I would do or what I would say if I were in this guy's position. Sure, I'd be glad to know that I didn't just jump off of a cliff of sorts, but to land in a POND!! Either way, I think this guy was a better sport than me. I can promise you one thing, there would have been no smile on my face if I were the guy in this video climbing out of the water. Good Sport!!