Its hard to believe that it has been TEN years since we heard the news that America was under attack. We will never forget the sights and sounds of that day, yet it seems like yesterday that the innocent were preyed upon. Take a look back at one of the darkest days in American History, and remember that it was that day in history that defines the world we live in today.

From planes penetrating into the heart of the country, the twin towers, to a plane crashing into the pentagon... we will never forget that day. Heroes were born on 9/11, as we now know of a group of heroes who fought off terrorist on a plane that subsequently fell from the sky in Pennsylvania. Whatever image you carry away from that day ten years ago, we should all be proud to be an American. So many innocent people, adults and kids, were lost on 9/11, but I think we all became better American citizens that day. We flew flags, we said prayers, and so many young men and women joined forces to fight off our enemies.

Let's look back on 9/11 some ten years later and remember why we must continue the good fight. We may forgive, but will NEVER forget the day of 9/11.

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