I opened a letter addressed to me at work that contained weird "Transformation Parlor" messages.

The envelope had no return address. The only thing on the envelope was my name and address here at the studio.  Not my full name, mind you; just my on-air name, JayCee.

After I opened the letter, we went online to see if we could find any reference to "Transformation Parlor".

So it looks like I'll be doing a little more investigating.  Should I be scared??



Okay, so I just "watched" the Transformation Parlor Raccoon video, and here's the gist of it:  the video part is just a spinning spiral on a loop.  The audio part of the video is of a guy, calmly speaking to soothe and relax the viewer into an entranced state, with verbiage that encourages you to "become" a raccoon.

Why would someone send me these "notes"?  Are they trying to tell me something?