During the Halftime Show for Super Bowl XLVI, which was headlined by 80s Pop Icon Madonna, singer M.I.A. made a cameo appearance with Madonna. While on-stage, M.I.A. took the time to stare into the camera and "flip off" an entire Worldwide Audience!!

Now, after several years of what some have labeled conservative halftime shows, the NFL took a chance with several pop icons. Did the risk backfire on the NFL and will the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) be making calls today?

So after seeing what you saw from M.I.A., were you truly offended by her actions? Or were her actions not even worth addressing? Whatever the case may be, you know that the NFL is not happy about the singer's gesture. While the show seemed to be a "hit," did the few seconds M.I.A. was on screen ruin Madonna's performance and overshadow the entire show?


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