A well-known tourist attraction in Mexico took a scary turn late last week.

A whale-watching boat carrying a group of tourists had a dangerous run-in with a humpback whale while off the coast of La Paz, Mexico. You have to see it to believe it.


According to the police, six people were on the boat at the time of the incident. Thankfully, none were seriously injured but two of the six were admitted to the hospital for their injuries. You can see the boat defy gravity when hitting the whale, so much so, that I don't know how anyone wasn't killed during this jaw-dropping accident.

The location of the incident is said to be one of the top spots to experience whale-watching...but I don't think these tourists paid to be this up close and personal.

In the video below, you can clearly see the whale's tail come out of the water upon impact, and the boat tilt to where it is basically vertical instead of horizontal. No word on if the whale was injured in this incident.

Watch a group of tourists get hit by a whale on a whale-watching boat trip below:

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