I did a quick Facebook post called 'What do you call these frozen treats?' and the internet blew up.

I found it very interesting that people all over the U.S. have a different name for this frozen treat.

I'm from New Orleans and we always called them freezy-pops or popsicles. What do you call them?

Check out what people from all over the U.S. and some from across the pond call them:

  • Danny Glover - London - Ice Poles
  • Adejha Tippins -  Mr. Freezys
  • Shawana Leigh - Brummys
  • Rebecca Kotchie -Ice Pops
  • Kierra Stewart -  Freezy pops
  • Nick Armstrong - Canada - Freezies or just Pops
  • Tiffani Naumann's daughter - pah-sicko- LOL!!!
  • Christopher Cannady - Ice Pop
  • Theresa Ward - West Midlands- Tip Tops
  • Syni LaFleur - South Africa - Ice Lollies
  • Andrew Lowenbrau - Super Dupers
  • Jennifer Gross -  Carpet Stainer
  • Shenae Alexander - Austria- Zooper Doopers
  • Megan Percival - Cool-pops
  •  Sharon Bertrand - Long Things
  • Eugene Binsbergen - Africa- Bunnylicks
  •  Latoya Booker - New York -  Iceees (eye see)
  • Faybaby Giscombe - Jamaica - Dem Kisko

These are just a few of the answers we got.  If you want to see the original post we did on Facebook CLICK HERE, it's worth the look.

Question: What do you call them, and where are you from? Comment below.


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