Our engineer, Matt, the guy who keeps all of our radio stations on the air, has a pretty extensive set of tools he carries with him at all times.

He came over to my house the other night for grilling and such (because we're friends like that), and he asked if he could hang from my inversion table for a few minutes.

Before he got on the table, he emptied his pockets onto a case of water I had on the floor.  Here is all what he removed from his person:

Photo by John Falcon

Let's take inventory:

  • A multi-tool (pliers, several blades, screwdrivers, clippers, files, saw blade)
  • Knife
  • Another knife
  • Another knife
  • A knife sharpener
  • A keychain retracter thingy
  • A wallet
  • A stack of (I guess "important") papers
  • Flame (lighter)
  • A Flashlight
  • Pocket change, including a dollar coin
  • A kit to create sparks to start fires (for what purpose, I have no clue; there's already a lighter in your pocket!!).

More time was spent emptying and refilling pockets than was spent on the inversion table but, in time of the apocalypse, I want Matt on my side!