OK. Lafayette did you know that there was a Burger Club in town at one point?
I had no idea about this group until a neighbor told me about it over the weekend. So I went to Social Media to try and learn more.
It seems that the Facebook group is still up and running under the name Lafayette Burger Club. So from the description of the group, it says,

“We eat burgers. We rank them. We love burgers. When you want a good burger......we let you know where to find it.”

It looks like the last post that was made about canceling Burger Night was in 2014 and it seems that the group never got up and running again, at least not on Facebook.

The group would go around town and try out different establishments that served burgers from there the group would rank them and then tally up the points and give a final score.

After spending some time reading the posts and comments on this page I noticed that this group had about 25-30 people in attendance each time they met.

So I started to wonder why this group ended. I am not sure if this group is still meeting or if they have completely shut it down but either way, I would love to see it come back better than ever. I would definitely be one of the first people to sign up to try out any restaurant in town.

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