KATC-TV 3 reported Monday that the Albertson's Grocery Store on the Evangeline Thruway will be closing it's doors after 17 years of being in business. While many in "Upper Lafayette" claim that business is indeed booming, others say that is just not the case. We have seen more and more businesses close within the district and now one of the only grocery stores still left in that district will be closing it's doors too.

According to the report on KATC-TV the council person for the the upper part of Lafayette, Kenneth Boudreaux, says "some stores in the mall have been here over 17 years and they are doing fine. It's partially the competitive market, it's partially the layout and growth of Lafayette."

However, contrary to what Mr. Boudreaux had to say or feels, many of the citizens in upper part of Lafayette feel that the district is shrinking. With more and more businesses closing their doors around the Northgate Mall and within the mall, citizens say that they will now be forced to shop further away from their homes and neighborhoods.

So with all of that said, we would like to know...What do you think should replace the Alberston's location on the Evangeline Thruway??? Voice your opinion below.

Too many people rely on this location for it simply just become another vacant building in the district. We hope that someone, another business, would step-in and continue to serve those who rely on this location for it's service.

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