If you're a New Orleans Saints fan you may want to note this one.

Like all fans, we enjoy seeing our favorite players up close and personal, well here's where you need to go in New Orleans prior to home games in Superdome.

Two years ago, the night prior to the Saints/Cowboys game in New Orleans, I went to the LOEWS hotel in the Business District and there were so many former Saints players lounging in the bar. And not just former players---LEGENDS!

Then, current players started to parade through the lobby and I learned that I was at the team hotel. I won't forget seeing Cam Jordan dancing through the lobby and Saints legend Willie Roaf looking me up and down as I stood next to him with a Cowboys shirt on.

I share this with you because if you're a Saints fan you need to visit the LOWES Hotel at least once prior to a home game. Go and treat yourself.

As for visiting fans, teams coming into the city often stay at the Marriot Hotel on Canal St. in New Orleans.


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