Like many of you, I too find it hard to believe that its been 11-years since our country was under attack. Like most Americans, I will never forget where I was or what I was doing when I heard that planes had crashed into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. Upon hearing the news while at work, I never thought that our country was under attack. I was a young college graduate in 2001 working at a high school when I heard of the events of September 11th. I can recall walking downstairs of the high school and a teachers-aide coming up to me and saying, "Planes have just crashed into the World Trade Center Towers in New York."

Not knowing much about Al-qadea at the time, I certainly did not think that the United States of America was under attack. As soon as I returned to my classroom, we immediately stopped all instructions and tuned-into the national media. I remember the look on some of these kid's faces like---what is happening and why?

So many kids in attendance on September 11th wanted answers, yet nobody on the staff could provide them with answers. It was as if we, Americans, were hit by someone we had little information about. My parents and even former teachers always said that they will never forget where they were when they heard that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated---for our generation we will never forget where we were on September 11th of 2001. The world as we knew it changed during one single beautiful morning, and the innocence of the world that we thought we knew suddenly evaporated just before 9am on September 11th.

To this day, I will never forget the images of September 11th, nor will I ever forget the looks on so many kid's faces as we witnessed an attack on our homeland. I ask, where were you on September 11th of 2001? What were you doing at the moment you found out we were under attack?

September 11th is a day our country will never forget, but it is also a day in which our country became ONE!!! Political agendas were put aside, religious views were ignored, and it did not matter what race you were on September 11th of 2001---We were one!! I only wish we remained as one, and that it did not take such travesty to bring our great country together.

On September 11th of 2001 we saw first-hand just how evil this world can truly be, yet we also witnessed just how heroic Americans can be when they are in the face of evil.

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