As NFL teams continue to settle into their unique offseason following the draft, football fans await the start of what will hopefully be an awesome 2020 season.

We're all craving sports content at the moment, and with a lack of games, the Draft was a welcome viewing.

Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow jerseys are trending at, as fans are still purchasing merchandise from their homes during the pandemic.

Which players sell the most merchandise?

The NFLPA released its list of highest sellers from March 1st, 2019-February 29th, 2020.

In terms of NFLPA licensed merchandise, the New Orleans Saints don't have any players in the top 10 but do have two in the top 20.

Quarterback Drew Brees ranks 13th, while running back Alvin Kamara is 18th.

Here's what the top 10 looks like.

Top 10 NFL Players in Merchandise Sales


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