We lost a legend in the music game with the passing of singer Bill Withers. Ironically, he passed away on my birthday which was March 30. This man created songs that have been listened to and loved for years on top of years, and his catalog is truly a big one.

His song, Lean On Me, was prominently featured in the movie of the same name based on tough principal Joe Clark, and Lovely Day is still one of my favorite go-to songs when I want to be lifted up a little.

However, what many may not know is that Bill Withers' songs have been sampled and have inspired many greats in the hip hop genre. His song, Grandmas Hands, were sampled for the funky loop on Blackstreet's No Diggity and Use Me was sampled by the south's very own Underground Kingz's Use Me Up up back in the nineties.

But there are so many more, and I have all of them featured here. Check out the link, pull up the remake, and then listen to the original. Obviously, Bill will be missed but he left a lot of good music to listen to. There is also a great documentary on the life of Bill Withers that I would advise many of you to watch. You will learn a lot from the musical icon.

Bill Withers Still Bill Documentary

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