By now you either love or hate (to love) the song #SELFIE by The Chainsmokers. But have you ever wondered who the girl was behind the voice, or what she looked like?

Her name is Alexis Campisi (aka Alexis Killacam) and her voice has been heard millions of times on radio airwaves, in clubs, earbuds and headphones around the world as the girl delivering the slightly aggravating, yet catchy vocal on the chart topping club anthem.

Although she doesn't actually get any credit on the track, the self(ie)-proclaimed #SelfieGirl is clearly the driving force behind the tracks popularity. And according to rumors, she nailed the dialogue all in one take.

Alexis also makes a cameo appearance in the official video for #SELFIE, but NOT as the girl lip syncing her vocals.

Ironically, she is the "short" girl in the "tacky" dress. (Who wears cheetah?)

what does the girl in #selfie song look like?

Although Alexis' signature voice has been heard uttering stereotypical party girl one-liners in heavy rotation, she still maintains a modest lifestyle; at least by social media standards. At the time of this post Alexis only has around 1000 followers on her official Twitter page, and even less on Instagram.

Now that you can put a face with the voice, it's only fitting that you enjoy some of Alexis' best #SELFIES.

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