If you're wondering why you're the only one on your street without power, you aren't alone.

SLEMCO is one of the major power providers here in south Louisiana and they are no stranger to the question: "Why am I the only person on my street without power?" As they work diligently along with utility crews from LUS, Cleco, Entergy, and others to get power restored to customers after the storm, SLEMCO offered up a really easy-to-read explanation as to why it may seem like you're the only one without power.

Another thing that's important to know is that sometimes the issue may not be visible in your area and could be more difficult to remedy than simply swapping out equipment or replacing downed wires.

As power companies go through this process to safely and quickly restore power, have good faith and understand that it is a marathon, and not a sprint when it comes to these power restoration efforts.

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