Here is a question we have all been asking for years, why are there so few chips in a bag? You make the purchase and while the bag appears to be filled with chips, you quickly learn upon opening it that its full of air. Its as if once you let all of the air out of the bag, there is truly VERY little remaining.I wish the "chip companies" would give us a thorough explanation as to why they fill these bags up with so much air. My first question is, if they want to make the bag(s) appear full, why not use a bag that fits all of the chips in it, and nothing else. So what if the bag is smaller!!! Secondly, have you noticed that as the years have gone by we have seen fewer and fewer chips in the bags? Look, I will not lie to you, when it comes to purchasing a bag of chips from a vending machine, I actually now purchase two. And while that may be there motive, I'd rather pay more for just one bag of chips.

Its the simple things in life that make you happy, but in my case its the few things in life that really upsets me. All that I'm asking for is for more chips in the bag!!! Do you all think that the day will come when we have more chips in our bags? I certainly hope so. I mean, we aren't asking for too much are we???