The wife of a missing crew member on the Seacor Power has filed a lawsuit in Houston.

According to a report from Chris Welty at WGNO, Hannah Daspit (spouse of Dylan Daspit) is filing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit in Houston following the "presumed death of her husband."

Daspit is suing Seacor Marine LLC, Seacor Liftboats LLC, and Talos Energy LLC.

The Seacor Power capsized eight miles off the coast of Port Fourchon in the Gulf of Mexico back on April 13. Since then, only six of the 19 crew members have been rescued while another six were unfortunately found dead.

Dylan Daspit is one of the seven individuals that are still missing from the vessel.

Daspit's wife, Hannah, is seeking damages "in excess of $25 million." The WGNO report says her lawsuit claims that the defendants named violated the 'Jones Act.'

despite dangerous weather conditions then existing in the Gulf of Mexico, the SEACOR Power, at the direction and control of the charterer Talos, left Port Fourchon, Louisiana, with disregard for the deteriorating weather and the lives of the crew members on board the vessel.

In short, Daspit believes that the decision to ignore warnings of tropical-storm-force winds from the National Weather Service and the visibly higher waves in the Gulf of Mexico put "money over safety and the lives of the men on board" the Seacor Power.

Dylan Daspit suffered unspeakable fear, terror, and pain–then lost his life.

Daspit is the first of multiple lawsuits that are expected to be filed in the Seacor disaster.

You can read the full lawsuit and get more details here via WGNO.

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