After the Memorial Day weekend is said and done, we will be counting down the last days of May and we still have money to give away with our 'Win Cash' contest! Tuesday, we are back at it for one final week as we give you the chance to win $1000, twice a day, every weekday in May on Hot 107.9!

Hot 107.9 pumped rides all over Acadiana, and there's money left over! Instead of putting it in our pockets, buying pizza for lunch, or buying Brad Striker a graduation gift, we are giving it to YOU! Listen beginning Tuesday May 1 to WIN CASH!

Every weekday in May, we have 2 chances at winning ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! When you hear the Q 2 Call (winning sounder thingy we'll play on air) be caller 25 at 1 877 854 WINS, that's 1 877 854 9467 and win a THOUSAND bucks! You can also log into Friends With Benefits and enter often to win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! Win Cash every weekday on Hot 1079!

listen to the q2call sounder

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