Life must really be bad on the outside if this woman was trying to break into jail.  I've never really been inside a jail or prison before, but if everything I hear is true then I know its pretty small and they don't let you put pictures on the wall.  Do you think she left a thanksgiving day turkey inside?

After djing the clubs in downtown Lafayette for a while I've seen what drinking alcohol can do to a person.  Even with that said, I don't think being intoxicated would want to make you break into a jail.

Clearly intoxicated, the 36-year-old Hurd was spotted by deputies trying to scale a barbed wire fence on Sunday morning in an attempt to sneak into Butler County Jail." Via Complex

According to nydailynews, the 36-year-old Tiffany Hurd was climbing the fence of the jail and told the Butler County Sheriff's Office that she wanted in and wanted in BAD.

Sheriff's officers asked the 36-year-old to leave the property - but Hurd refused, telling jail staff, "I want to be arrested,"

I wonder if Tiffany ever heard the phrase 'be careful for what you ask for' because the deputies made her wish come true.  After being asked multiple times to stop climbing the fence, Tiffany Hurd was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.

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