A woman in a rascal scooter attempted to ride her mobile device up an escalator at Boston's public transportation building, but as you will see, this ride was not so smooth. Security cameras at MBTA caught this woman's unpleasant ride up the escalator, and lets say this...here is one ride she will NEVER FORGET!!

According to Boston's CBS affiliate, a surveillance camera caught a woman trying to drive her Rascal scooter up an escalator, and as most would predict, the decision didn't go as planned: the unidentified woman flips the scooter backwards, spilling out of it, and flips multiple times herself while passersby rush to help. Luckily, the he 56-year-old woman was able to walk away from this incident without any serious injuries.

Lesson learned here, these scooters just aren't made for some things or some places. I have seen too many people use these scooters in all the wrong places, and here is another example of where NOT to use them.