Surveillance video shows a woman who had to fight off a bear near her home in order to save her dogs. The viral clip shows a bear walking on top of a wall and swinging its massive paws at multiple dogs, until the woman heroically pushed the bear away.

Bears are just about some of the scariest animals ever. The amount of power and speed they have is usually nothing a human wants to concern themselves with. But what happens when your furry friends are in danger? One women ended up in a dangerous situation when a bear began attacking her dogs.

See the clip posted to Twitter by @9livestock on Twitter below.

Just going off of the video, you can see two bear cubs along with what I am presuming is their mother. The mother is swinging her mighty paws at the dogs who are giving their best effort to protect the house. This is when the woman runs out of the house in hopes to rescue her dogs. She is able to push the bear a couple of times to force it off of the wall. She takes the spare moment to get her dogs back inside to safety.

Bears are a serious threat in many parts of the country. Many have to be careful about taking out the trash or doing other simple things around the house if they live somewhere with bears nearby. Now, I am not sure how many bear encounters this woman has had but she seems to use pure adrenaline and instinct to save her dogs from a dreadful disaster.

You also have to give some respect to the black dog that came back for the woman even after getting smacked in the face by the bear. That is a ride-or-die if I have ever seen one.

I am thankful that this woman was OK. Bears are not animals to be messed with, but it just goes to show you the lengths people are willing to go to in order to protect their pets.

The only other instance of a pet owner saving their animal in this extreme of a circumstance is the time a man saved his dog from the mouth of an alligator. Talk about a wild incident in its own right.

Man Dog Alligator

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