This is such an unbelievable moment!

Let me start off by saying women are amazing! There isn't a man on this earth that could handle being pregnant or handle this situation any better than this woman did on the way to the hospital.

This video is a little old but this is the first I've seen of it. The video was posted during the summer and shows a woman delivering her own baby on the way to the hospital.

The back story is the woman in the video started to have heavy contractions, they jumped in the car and started heading to the hospital in Houston TX. They ran into some heavy traffic and were in the car for about 45 mins.

That's when the baby said enough is enough "I'm coming out!' LOL!!

The woman let out several screams saying "the head is out!" Personally I would have freaked out in this situation, but they both remained calm, more so the husband than the wife.

After the woman screamed 'the head is out' the baby wasn't stopping there, she delivered the baby right there in the passenger seat. A 10 lb baby boy. What a miracle! It's the couples third child. They have two girls and this would be their first boy.

What a story to tell their grandchildren one day!




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