It's been nearly a decade since a boy has been born in Miejsce Odrzanskie, Poland, and scientists want to know why.

The village only has a population of 272 people, has no school, coffee shop, restaurants, or grocery stores. And there hasn't been a boy born in the village since 2009. Since then, twelve girls have been born.

Why are we just now finding out about this? Well, the village sent an all-girls team to a regional competition for young volunteer firefighters.

Some scientists have expressed interest in examining why only girls have been born here,” said Rajmund Frischko, the mayor of the commune of Cisek, which includes the village. “I also have doctors calling me from all over the country with tips on how to conceive a boy.

One doctor told Frischko that a woman should have a calcium rich diet if she wants a boy.

And if that doesn’t work,” the mayor laughed, “there is always the tried way of the Polish highlanders: If you want a boy, keep an ax under your marital bed.


Other doctors, though, surmise that the only way to effectively choose the sex of your baby is via in-vitro fertilization.

There has been so much talk about us in the media that for a minute there I was considering naming a street after the next boy born here,” he said. “He will definitely get a very nice gift. And we will plant an oak and name it after him.

One of the members of the all-girl youth fire brigade, 10-year-old Malwina Kicler, took this opportunity to take a dig at the boys she knows.

Boys are noisy and naughty...At least now we have peace and quiet. You can always meet them somewhere else.


Give it another few years, Malwina, and I'm sure you'll be singing a different tune.

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