A woman who got off of a Megabus in Egan, Louisiana destroyed a store she was in and most of it was caught on camera.

The woman can be seen walking through the store destroying things. What motivated her to do this---no one seems to know.

We aren't sure if this woman just snapped or if she has any mental issues, but we hope that she can be located soon so that she can be questioned and evaluated.

The only person that seemed to be injured in this bizarre incident was a man with a small scratch on his head.

According to KATC, the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office is working the case, but they do not know the name of the woman in this video.

UPDATE: The woman in this video has been identified as Laquisha Delray of New Orleans. Delray was arrested and booked into the Acadia Parish Jail for criminal damage to property and battery.

KATC reports that the woman was upset with another passenger on the bus and she took it out on the store.