This is definitely not the situation you ever want to be in on a plane.

Passengers flying on a United Airlines flight from Houston to New Orleans were less than pleased when their flight had to turn around due to an unruly passenger.

According to witnesses on the plane a woman seated in the rear of the aircraft made a run for the cockpit about halfway through the quick 45 minute flight. Luckily, she was tackled by passengers on the plane before she could get there.

One passenger claims the woman was banging on the walls of the plane and being disruptive before attempting to run toward the cockpit.

I hear (her) screaming, 'We are all protected and loved! We are all protected and loved! This plane is going to land beautifully and kindly! In an instant, she stands up, bolts to the aisle and started springing towards the cockpit. As soon as she started running, I stand up and ask the flight attendant, 'Can I help you with this? Do you need help?' She said go for it, so I gently pushed the flight attendant out of the way and started sprinting after the woman myself.

Witnesses say it took five men to hold the woman down and that she was in a "psychotic state."

She was very aggressive.

The men held the woman down and were able to restrain her wrists and ankles with zip-tie handcuffs provided by the flight attendants. The plane was able to make it back to Bush Intercontinental Airport where law enforcement was waiting as the plane arrived.

After the woman was taken off the flight the plane was able to get back to its original destination of New Orleans.

Approximately 100 passengers on board reportedly stayed calm throughout the entire process and the airline thanked them for their patience.

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