A day of boating at the popular Crooked Creek Recreation took a surprising turn for a Louisiana family when they spotted a figure running on all fours along the bank. The Creek, known for its clear lake, sandy beaches, and activities such as camping, fishing, and boating, is not typically associated with such rare sightings.

The family was both shocked and puzzled by the figure's appearance. Upon sharing three videos of the figure on her Facebook page, viewers were left both intrigued and puzzled. The figure, exhibiting agile movements, leapt over obstacles effortlessly.

*images edited to protect identity*


A family member later revealed that upon getting closer to the figure, they discovered it was, in fact, a young woman. "She seemed to have been doing this for a while. She was just running on all fours, jumping over branches like a deer would. And when we asked if she was okay or needed help, she reassured us she was fine," explained the family.

It was later confirmed that the young woman, believed to be between 11-15 years old, was part of a family camping at Crooked Creek. "It seems like innocent fun for a child. We were initially shocked and concerned, thinking she might be in distress, but she's just a young girl enjoying herself."

Many on social media questioned why the conversation wasn't recorded. The family explained, "We couldn’t get close enough due to the shallow waters. And honestly, I was too caught up in the moment, trying to ensure she was okay."

One person in the comments pointed out that there are individuals who train specifically to walk on all fours, though it was unexpected to see in Louisiana. This observation was confirmed by the young woman's mother who said her daughter is active in quadrobics which is a sport that involves running on all fours and leaping over objects. Individuals routinely train for years as the body position is not one that is a usual one for bi-pedal animals.

There are even competitions in a similar fashion like freestyle running and parkour.

While seeing something like this in the middle of a lake or while out in the woods was surprising for this Louisiana family and most viewers, it was considered normal behavior from loved ones and people familiar with the girl seen doing quadrobics along the banks of the lake.

Hopefully, the story will bring awareness to an area that is often celebrated as a "Sportsman's Paradise" as we head into hunting season. As seen in the comments, at first glance most people would assume this to be someone in need of help or under the influence.

There are enough dangers associated with being out in the wild, and it would be terrible if anything happened to someone who was just enjoying one of their favorite activities while being outdoors, regardless of how unfamiliar or unusual it may seem.

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