Nearly half of all American women feel like they are doing more and doing better with their career than the man in their life, according to a new poll.Forty-nine percent of women say that they are more successful than their man, plus 78 percent of women say that they are doing well in their field of choice. The magazine poll of 900 women showed that women today don’t feel they’ve made it until they are making at least $100,000 a year.

Tonight on the show for the "Hot Topic Of The night," we ask you, the women of Acadiana, do you feel the same way? Do you feel like you are more successful than your man? We find out tonight starting at 8pm with the "Hot Topic Of The Night." I will say this, we do see MORE women these days in managerial positions. Look back just ten year ago, you certainly wouldn't find as many women in high-ranking positions like we do today.