Let's face it, occasionally we all love a "midnight snack," right? But just how unhealthy are some of these snacks and/or drinks for you and me in the middle of the night?Well according to a story on yahoo health, the worst snack in the middle of the night comes in the form of "Cap'N Crunch" Cereal. One cup of this cereal has 147 calories and 16 grams of sugar in it.


Now, when it comes to the worst late night dessert, you should avoid chocolate ice cream. One cup of chocolate ice cream has up to 570 calories in it, and 40 grams of sugar.

This type information saddens me. Mainly because when I come back home early in the morning from DJing on weekends, there is nothing more satisfying that either ice cream or cereal. Perhaps now I will have to find me another late night/early morning treat. What is your favorite late night treat? Reveal your guilty pleasure while others are sound asleep...Comment and make me feel better.

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