It looks like the social media site Facebook is looking to "bank-in" on your status updates. Yes, you may soon have the option to pay Facebook in order for your status updates to be highlighted. According to TechCrunch, Facebook is experimenting with a service that would enable users to pay to highlight their status updates to ensure that more friends see them.

Believe it or not, only 12% of your friends see your status updates---I know, this may be alarming being that some of us think the WORLD is reading our updates. Such highlights would be useful for updates that you may deem to be important and with your update highlighted the chances of more people reading it would increase. This is already an option you can use when posting items on Ebay.

Could such a feature be more damaging than helpful to Facebook? I certainly believe that this will become more of a nuisance rather than asset for Facebook. If such a feature is offered on Facebook, I think that you will see more and more entrepreneurs flooding your news feed with BRIGHT/COLORFUL updates that will only turn you away from their product. Not to mention, if this really does become an option I can't help but ask, "what may be next?"