Last year, YG and DJ Mustard had fans worried when they started beefing with each other on Instagram over money. But it looks like things are just fine between the dynamic West Coast duo.

The Bompton rapper went on Instagram just hours after New Year’s Day to make it official that he and Mustard have squashed their beef and are ready to take over the rap game in 2015. As you can see in the pic above, the pair are sitting in front of two Rolls-Royces with their middle fingers up in the air.

“Me & bro @djmustard squabbled up and got it over wit. 2015 is the takeover 4realz. Bless up Yall,” he wrote.

DJ Mustard re-posted the same photo on his account and added, “What ya thought a head up was gone end this ?! Jokes on yall d---k heads !!!!”

All jokes aside, it’s good to see the two have settled their differences and are cool again. Hopefully, we’ll get another YG album this year and, of course, more music from “Mustard on the beat, h--.”

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