We are seeing how kindness and a smile can really change things in America right now. And with the end of the coronavirus epidemic nowhere in site, it's good to remember who is actually on the front lines in this fight. Thanks to our health care workers for your diligent and exhausting efforts!

If you are so inclined, you can now order pizzas to be sent to our local health care workers, who let's be honest, can barely stop to breathe during this horrible crisis.

The Pizza delivery app SLICE is making that a possibility, bu partnering up with Slice Out Hunger and Pizza to the Polls for a campaign they are calling Pizza vs. Pandemic. So far, since March 22 they have been able to send over 2,700 pizzas to hungry health care workers from 2,900 donors, and have raised $150,000.

According to TODAY  'When people make a donation online, they can designate any hospital or medical care center nationwide to receive pizzas. The number of pies and specific toppings are determined by what the center requests. After people donate sufficient funds, Slice reaches out to its local network of pizza shops and places orders at restaurants best equipped to serve a medical center nearby.'


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