Do you remember what it was like to be a kid and make your own rules? A young fan in New Orleans wanted to give Carmelo Anthony a hug, so he ran right on the court and did it. It was a magical moment of pure adorable youth.

He came out of nowhere. Security didn't even have time to realize what was happening before he was on the court, but after watching this you'll be glad they didn't notice the little dude storming the court to say 'sup to his favorite player.

If you knew you could get away with it, wouldn't you go up in the middle of a game and say "hey" to LeBron or Steph Curry? Kudos to this little man for making it happen.

Usually when somebody runs onto the court or field to meet a player, security shuts it down, and rightfully so. Instead, the instance came and went with a smile from Melo and a chuckle from the television broadcasters.

The best part is when his female guardian at the game greets him back in the stands. She had to get on him for running on the court, but not even she could get mad at this cute little court stormer.

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