A boy in Youngsville is trying to get his grandmother to give him chocolate, and he has an ingenious way of convincing her.

Meet Charlie. Charlie is just a kid, but he's a smart one.

Knowing that his grandmother has his best interests at heart, he doesn't often get too much junk food. So he tries to devise a way to convince her that the chocolate bar in his hand is healthy.

How does he do it? Well, he thinks... and thinks... and thinks some more. Then, it hits him: let's tell her there's something healthy INSIDE the candy bar!


GRANDMOTHER: "So what are you holding right now?"

CHARLIE: "A healthy chocolate bar."

GRANDMOTHER: "What's in it?"

CHARLIE: "Broccoli."

Charlie is trying to convince his grandmother that there is broccoli "all the way inside" the chocolate bar.

CHARLIE: "It's good for your muscles."

When the grandmother asks how the broccoli got inside the chocolate bar, Charlie seemed to deflect by reminding her that "they are healthy - and they're good!".

Kudos (no pun intended) to Charlie for being creatively trying to convince his grandmother to let him have some chocolate.

Oh, did it work?

Just look at that kid's face: could you tell him no?

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