Maybe it's time we all do our part.

The Mayor of Youngsville, Ken Ritter, took these photos of the tall grass in the median on Vincent Rd in Lafayette and he made a really good point in his Facebook post.

Ritter asked, "How can we achieve epic things in this Parish when we struggle with the basics?" Ironically, I have echoed that On-Air several times.

Sure, the median or road may be a "state thing," but at what point should the city or parish of Lafayette just address the "eyesore" itself?

Are we really going to put our image in the state's hands? After all, we've all seen the medians on I-10 upon re-entering the state of Louisiana and it's beyond sad.

What's funny is we have talked about the tall grass on Ambassador Caffery many times and days after, the grass is cut.

Perhaps it's time to take our image into our own hands and make it the best it can be. We are WAY better than what we see in these photos!!!