With well over one million followers on YouTube, Mikey Chen is one of the premier food reviewers on the internet. Because Chen knows good food, and that's why he came on down to Lafayette.

Mikey Chen Via YouTube


Right off the bat, I have to give Chen props because he knows the differences between Cajun and Creole food. As you well know, most people not from here usually don't understand the differences, including many who are in the "Food Business".

First up on Chen's stops is Bon Temps Grill on Pinhook in Lafayette. He ripped through a yummy pile of crawfish etouffee, jalapeno grits, fried alligator, and bread pudding. Sure, he mispronounces etouffee a little bit but we'll give him a pass on that just based on how much he's loving eating it.


Mike Chen Via YouTube


Next on his list, the infamous Popeyes buffet. The Popeyes buffet on Pinhook in Lafayette is quite special because it's the last one standing in the U.S. It's such a big deal, even famous food critics like the late Anthony Bourdain stop in to try it out. Unfortunately for Chen, the Popeyes buffet wasn't back up and running when he stopped, but I guarantee you he'll be back to experience it.


Mike Chen Via YouTube


For his third stop in Acadiana before heading east to New Orleans, Chen checked out Billy's Boudin and Cracklins. Obviously, he's not saying boudin right, but just like with the etouffee, we're not going to deduct points based on his bravery. Most people take a lil step back the first time they encounter boudin, but he rips right into it! Chen made his way through regular boudin, crawfish boudin, cracklin, a Billy's boudin ball, and a Billy's boudin egg roll.


Mikey Chen Via YouTube


To be honest, I didn't even watch to see where and what he ate in New Orleans. I felt full just watching him eat all of the incredible things he experienced in Acadiana.

Hey, maybe I just invented a new diet. Just watch people eat until your brain tricks your stomach into thinking it's full!

Tell you what, watch Mikey Chen's food tour of Lafayette below and let me know if you feel full after watching it.

Mikey Chen's Ultimate Cajun and Creole Food Tour


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